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"I am Elisabeth Santoso
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Educated in SMAK Santo Paulus, grade X.
I Like: to worship my Heavenly Dad :D...
I Dislike: not snowing ;..."


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Get Free Music at www.divine-music.info

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Friday, 9 January 2009


Wah wah... Banyak banget PR yang harus kukerjain... Bahkan, saking banyaknya, sampe lupa aku mana aja PRnya... hehe...

Jadi, sekarang kerjain PR yang msh inget dulu yaa... Yg belum inget masih ditanyain tuh..
PE-ER pertama datang dari ::
The Rulez :

The rules are simple. Use google images to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer. After that, tag 7 people.

Questions A :

1. The age of my next birthday?

2. A place I'd like to travel?

3. A favourite place?

4. A favourite food?

5. Favourite thing?

6. Favourite colour?

7. A city I was born?

8. A nickname I had?

9. College major? *Nggak ngerti nih apa, jd nggak kujawab.. Hehe..*

10. Name of my love?

11. A bad habbit?

12. A hobby?

13. Wishlist?

Age of my next birthday ::


A Place I'd like to travel ::


Favourite Place ::

Mountain, especially Mount Ijen

Favourite Food ::

All kinds of Sea Food

Favourite thing::

Psychologist Book

Favourite Colour ::


I was born in ::


My Nickname ::


My Love ::

Jesus Christ, my Heavenly Father

Bad Habbit ::

Too Sleepover!!!

My Hobby ::

Playing Piano

Wishlist ::

Meet my Heavenly Dad

Questions B :
1. Siapa penyanyi POP favoritmu ??
Penyanyi POP favorit saya adalah... FAHRENHEIT!

2. Apa arti EMO menurutmu?
EMO adalah Elisabeth Minum Obat. Hahaha... Jayuzzz....

3. Setujukah jika dangdut Go-Internasional?
Kalo yang nyanyi dandanannya seronok sih nggak setuju banget! Tapi kalo dangdut yang mencerminkan budaya Bangsa Indonesia, why not??

4. Koleksi album apa yang kamu miliki? Ada berapa?
Saya koleksi album Hillsong, Passion, Josh Groban, Fahrenheit, Chris Tomlin. Jumlahnya banyak!

5. Mengapa musik metal teriak-teriak (scream)?
Kalo musik Pop yang nggak bakalan kayak gitu... *!!!!!!*

Nah, Pe-eRnya udah selesai... Di-tag kemana ajah yaa?? Ntar deh, mikir dulu... Hehe... ^^


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