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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Unity in Diversity

A palm leaf ribs is easy to be broken, but it’s so difficult to break ten or twenty palm leaf ribs. Maybe, this parable has been heard many times in our ears and we know that the meaning is; if we are united, we can face many problem that come. We can face many problems if we are in the united, and that united is a strong united. To be strong, we need big power. That big power can be gotten if we attempt together.
I’ve read some articles on the magazines, news paper, or internet that now; there are many countries that don’t become a strong unity. You know America? America is a big country in the world. America has everything to pick up its citizens, but now, no anymore. America becomes devil when it made conflicts with Iraq. Actually, America is able to become the best country. It has every things, it has many foremost people in the world.
Ladies and gentlemen,
That story told about America. Now, we told about our beloved country, Indonesia. All of you have known that Indonesia is art and culture country. Indonesia has more than 400 terms, more than 13.000 islands, and 33 provinces with their own specific characteristics; but now, problems came for our country. Crime makes the characteristics of Indonesia that actually can promote Indonesia in the world become prevention to Indonesian people to become the strong unity. Indonesia’s citizen always say, “We are different. We can not be a unity.”
Javanese say, “I hate Chinese” and Maduran say, “I hate Dayak” then all of Indonesian terms are hate each other.
Ladies and gentlemen,
It’s very bad to do that. By doing that bad habit, we can’t be a strong unity. We have to dream that our country is able to be the unity in diversity. Our country must be the strong unity. To catch that dream, we must have a simple condition; UNDERSTANDING. By understanding each other, we can feel the people’s feeling. That condition will make us to lose our egocentrism. All of terms in Indonesia usually obey their tradition, without care with the other tradition. Example, in the Bali, people usually burn the corpse, that called by Ngaben. Then, in the Java, people usually bury the corpse. If they don’t have an understanding, Bali people will deride Javanese. Then, Javanese also say, ”Hah? They burn the corpse? That’s very bad habit. How cruel are they!”
But, if they have an understanding, they will say, ”Oh, what beautiful is the culture of Indonesia. I’m proud to be an Indonesian.”
If that statement has said by our paradigm, the strong unity has been here, in front of our eyes…….
Ladies and gentlemen,
Let’s be the strong unity! I believe, we can face many problems that come. Indonesia is a beautiful country, strong country, and Indonesia has every thing to be the best country.

Itu teks speech q yang buat aku juara dua.. Hehe..


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The usefull creativity

Found the Purpose Life by Creative

God has created all the humans with their own field. Each human have talent and ability, so they can make their talent and their ability to be creative human. By creative, we can found our purpose life, and after that we can develop our career and our job in the future. If we don’t know our purpose life, how can we find the best job and the best career for us?
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Youth is the time which we must do something to found our field. Talent and ability will be our base so we can be a creative human. But, our talent won’t found if we don’t negotiate our life with creative. For example, when we were a child, our parents usually made us to be used to with music in order to we can become a big musician in the future. That habit will stick in our live forever, and by that, certainly we will involve music’s stream in order that, appear the name of talent in the music field. In the beginning, we don’t know if our talent is in the music field, we just know that we can play music, we like music, we intimate with music, and we are music’s close friend. Because we like music, certainly we would like to play the music, made creation with music, and after that we know that our talent is in the music field. Why did I can say that? Because, I have undergone the same condition. Maybe, your condition that you have undergone was different with my experience. There are in the technology, knowledge, sun system, and so on. Yeah, that is human. Created with different condition and different circumstance.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
For us as the young generation, you can help us to be more creative, try to care our surroundings, will help us to increasing creativity, because that will support us to think about the corrections that may need to make our surroundings better. We also should to increase and develop creativity, because creativity can’t be gotten if there isn’t knowledge and we can get knowledge by study hard. We also can observe something that attractive for us and made connection with that thing. The thing can mean hobby, habit, or dream.
Ladies and gentlemen,
We also must remember that creative not always give the positive effect to human; it depends on the one who owns it. If the creativity is owned by kind person, it will appear many functions that help the other people. But, when creativity is owned by evil person, it will bear destruction; we can see this in the World War. Actually, the weapons are used to protection and as a creativity that must be increased; it won’t make the great destruction that had been happened in the First and Second World War, also in the condition of the conflict country at this moment. If the weapon use as the tools of rescue and help, it won’t make the hunger, poverty, and also the damage of the facilities in the world.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thus that I convey and hopefully to you. Well, improve your creativity as useful as you can, found your talent, determine your career, and the future is yours.


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